Bangkok & Self-Care

IMG_5174.JPGWhen Emmi and I planned this trip together, we had no idea what we were doing. Sure, we had both traveled plenty before, but never to 8 countries over a period of just over two months on our own. We bought our plane tickets and planned our route spontaneously. Everyone told us NOT to go to India but we decided to anyways, and we adored it. Similarly, everyone told us that we had to see Thailand, but it was our least favorite country thus far. Don’t get me wrong, Thailand has some gorgeous scenery and a unique atmosphere, but I just don’t recommend visiting Bangkok if you want an authentic experience on a budget. Side note: If you do visit Bangkok anyways, I don’t recommend staying on Khao San Road.

On Khao San Road  there’s more tourists than there are locals. It’s a big fun party street, but not what Emmi and I were looking for from our travels. It felt like everyone there wanted to be cultured and learn what it is like to travel the world, but ended up picking a place that didn’t challenge their comfort. We however, decided to embark on this trip in order to challenge our comfort and to be exposed to the “truth” of the world. Bangkok reinforced that we both really prefer experiencing nature as opposed to cities (with the exception of a few special cities like Philadelphia and Mumbai.)

So, once we realized that Bangkok wasn’t for us, we decided to take our week there for self-care. When you’re on the go for 2 months, hopping on a plane approximately every five days, it is easy to loose track of the things that make you feel healthy, happy, balanced, and strong. So, we decided to build up our strength before heading to live in a hut in Krabi.

I wrote everyday and Emmi and I practiced yoga, exercised, ate healthy, and treated ourselves to massages and facials. We spent a night drinking on Khao San Road, visited the floating markets. If you do visit Bangkok avoid these! Total tourist trap. Also I highly don’t recommend going if you are hungover, as the boat ride can be slightly nauseating. (  We spent our time in Bangkok finding balance before heading to our next destination in Thailand; Tonsai Beach.

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